50 Cent Trolls French Montana From His Hospital Bed For Buying Old Bugatti

50 Cent is trolling French Montana from his hospital bed for buying an older Bugatti.

French Montana copped a brand new Bugatti for Christmas, so why is 50 Cent trolling him? The season of giving has seen a lot of celebrities treating themselves to some luxurious gifts. Los Angeles based rapper French Montana just spent a cool $1.5 million on a new blue Bugatti.

The rapper was in a celebratory mood as he showed off his “little gift” for himself in Las Vegas. French shared a video to Instagram of his new ride, adding the caption,

“Fresh out of ICU woke up in that new Bugatti!! Lil gift to myself! Feel like a boss move like a boss and taste like a boss lol #nipseyblue,”

Montana also added, said;

“Motivation use only. Allah Akbar. Riding with toilet paper for the suckers,” he added.

Although we’d think it’s not a competition, it is for 50 Cent who recently purchased a brand new 2020 Bugatti for himself this season. Taking to Instagram to troll French Montana, Fifty posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed with an assortment of stuffed animals.

Alongside the image was the shady caption which read:

“I’m in the hospital so sick of n****as, that’s a 2010 Veyron man,” Fifty wrote. “You shoulda just got the Uber app on ya phone it’s 2020 Chiron Man hahaha Put that bullsh*t back on that truck,” he said. 50 Cent is saying all this because he just bought a 2020 Bugatti Chiron for a reported $3 million.

The narrative quickly changed from a proud moment for French Montana where mind you, he showed respect to Nipsey Hussle, to the idea that French could not afford to purchase a brand new 2020 Bugatti model like 50 Cent recently did.

Talk about raining on someone’s parade. What should matter is that French Montana worked hard and earned his 2010 Bugatti – something many people cannot afford. 50 Cent, however, seizes every opportunity to make himself look better at someone else’s expense. Do you think it should matter if his Bugatti is a newer model than French Montana’s?

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