Blac Chyna Slides Into Rapper’s DMs And Gets Curved

The Former Fiancee Of Rob Kardashian Gets Flirty With An Up-And-Coming Hip-Hop Artist On Instagram But He Turns Down The Mother Of Two, Saying He's Good.

Blac Chyna reportedly flirted with up-and-coming rapper TayF3rd on Instagram. In a screenshot posted by the hip-hop artist, the former E! reality TV star was seen sliding into his DMs. “You not gon’ introduce yourself [smirking face],” she wrote.

“Lmfao nah im good love, enjoy,” he responded on his Instagram post. When asked if he replied to her on DMs, he said he didn’t. “She already unfollowed me@and deleted the messages but I got them screeeeenshots,” he claimed.

When a person claimed it was photoshopped, he replied, “Ion even know how to work photoshop hahaha wtf.” To another skeptical person, he insisted, “I not lying baby girl lol@what am I gon gain from@this ? Hahahahahaha.”

“It is fake. He doesn’t follow her. It’d be in message requests not primary,” one other skeptical individual said. They added, “Either faked (since it’s not in message requests) or he dmed her first shooting his shot and posted her reply for clout. Wack.”

Blac Chyna is heading to a court battle against former fiance Rob Kardashian. He filed for a primary custody of their daughter, three-year-old Dream Kardashian, claiming Chyna was a terrible mother and bad influence for the little girl.

Rob was concerned because little Dream allegedly started “naked twerking and acting out sexual positions that she said her mom taught her.” He accused his baby mama of partying with strangers while his daughter was present.

Rob demanded Chyna submit to drug and alcohol testing no less than 30 minutes before visiting their child. He additionally asked the supervising nanny be granted the authority to immediately end the visit if Chyna started to get violent.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna split for good a year after baby Dream was born. It was a messy breakup with both throwing accusations at each other. She even sued him and his Kardashian family.

In addition to sharing daughter Dream with Rob, Blac Chyna has a son with her ex Tyga.

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