3 Things You Should Know Before Coming To Work In Germany

Hello Everyone, I have been wanting to write this piece for a while now but due to busy schedule and exam preparation I have been procastinating.

So here I am finally, I will be sharing my experiences both good and bad, also everything you should know before coming to Germany as a Student or as an expat from Africa or any other country that don’t speak Deutsche because its not very easy to get a job here in Germany if you don’t have a good command of the German language. As you all know by now that I am from Africa myself, from Namibia, so I will be sharing my experiences and challenges with you guys as we proceed on this blog post.

This is something you should know, its not an easy task, as I would be lying to say it was easy and bla bla bla.  So I am a full time digital marketer, I work for a company here in Stuttgart creating digital campaigns and marketing strategies for the brand during the day, and a part-time blogger at night. A little about my background, I studied in Namibia, studied Political Science in the University of Namibia, then I proceeded to further my education here in Germany 4years ago in Marketing for my Masters degree.

The first challenge you might first encounter is the fact that most certificates or bachelor degree programs are not fully recognized here in Germany. So you might be surprised that coming to Germany you can’t apply for a job with your degrees gotten from most schools back home in Africa.
You will most likely have to start all over again in the German educational system so you either have to get a new bachelors degree or further your Masters degree with your African degree which is the best you can do with your African gotten degree by the way.

So briefly I will go through all you need o know to work in Germany as an African.


Like I said earlier, its almost impossible to get a job without a good command of German/Deutsche language, but there are exceptions to this, highly in demand jobs such as Programming, UI/UX, and a few other ICT and tech jobs can be overlooked if your skills are that great. Also if you are lucky enough to land yourself a job with an American company or English speaking based country company e.g Ford, Lime etc with a branch in Germany.


Even with the German language, it doesn’t make you the hottest candidate for the job cause guess what? There are Germans who are also applying for the same positions as you with better German speaking skills who also attended a more recognised bachelor program. So be aware of the fact that you will get a lot or rejections and NOs but all you have to do is keep sending out those applications and soon enough you will definitely get one.


When I say this, I mean it 100% and dont take it lightly, you have to be ready to work for your money, one thing you should know by now about Germany and Germans in general is the fact that they have very high work ethic. They pride themselves as one of the most hardworking people on the planet, I know you also must have heard the name “German Machines” before, thats why they call them that. You will be paid no doubt, but you will work for that money believe me.

Aside these, if you believe in God, then pray to him, cause I have heard very positively shocking stories of how some people came to Germany and managed to succeed without having to go through a lot of common frustrations and challenges, I have seen people get a good paying job with little efforts also that the company also had to pay for all the German courses subsequently after resuming the jobs but remember to work and pray.

Would like me to write more articles on working in Germany?

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